Ugly Drinks

By January 30, 2018Business

Ugly Drinks; our latest Plastic Clever Business

It’s been a while coming, but it is GREAT to have Ugly Drinks signed up as a Plastic Clever Business!

We’ve known about Ugly Drinks for a couple of years or so now, and we take our hats to them for being brave enough to launch a sparkling water product in a can, and not going for the perhaps easier but definitely less environmentally friendly option of water in a bottle! As we know, aluminium is more easily (and fully) recycled than plastic, and thus contributes towards the battle against single-use plastic. We really hope to see more Ugly Drinks on the shelves of shops and supermarkets around the country.

Oh, and I almost forgot: Ugly Drinks’ flavours are as exciting, fresh and fizzy as their branding and IMPORTANTLY, they are sugar free, too.

So, welcome onboard Ugly Drinks, and thanks for what you do!


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