ShAFF 18 – a Plastic Clever Festival

By March 12, 2018Adventurers, Festivals

Well Done Sheffield Adventure Film Festival

When Matt Heason – organiser of ShAFF – approached us last Summer about working with him to make ShAFF Plastic Clever, we were delighted. We’ve been fans of ShAFF for years now and love attending to speak, be inspired by an amazing array of adventure films, or like this year, host an exhibit in the festival’s adventure exhibition.

But making ShAFF Plastic Clever hasn’t been easy sailing and it’s really down to Matt’s determination to reduce his festival’s plastic impact and our aim to make as many festivals as possible Plastic Clever that we’ve managed to make it happen.

OK, so there were still a few issues that Matt and us identified, such as: no recycling facilities and no discount for people using refillable coffee cups. But it would be easy to dwell on the negatives and miss a whole load of positives that we think deserve celebrating, such as:

  • The cafes would serve coffee in people’s refillable containers
  • The straws were moved behind the counter and only given when asked for
  • Water bottles could be refilled for free
  • We never saw a plastic bag during our walk around
  • Water dispensers encouraging the use of refillable containers
  • Matt’s desire and passion to make it as plastic clever as he could

So, next year we very much hope to work with Matt again, to build on this year’s efforts, and make ShAFF 2019 even more Plastic Clever!

Well done Matt and his team.