Sea Salt Cafe is Plastic Clever

By March 30, 2018Cafe

Yay! Sea Salt Cafe are Plastic Clever

When we hear from a cafe that is interested in being recognised as Plastic Clever, we know that the good work that Blue Planet and Mr A did for the plastic revolution is kicking into to the consciousness of the general population – being responsible towards plastic is becoming cooler and more the cultural norm. And this is great!

In this case however, let’s give credit where credit is due: Sea Salt Cafe have clearly been working hard on to reduce their environmental impact well before it got to be ‘the thing to do’. Yes, that’s right, the current status of their environmental efforts speaks for itself:

“In additon to offering discount on takeaway coffees that are made in reusable cups, we only use bio-degradable takeaway packaging. This includes our takeaway boxes, coffee cups, lids and sleeves and as well as only using paper bags. Also, we now provide bio-degradable straws.”

So, with this in mind, we are more than happy to celebrate the ‘Plastic Cleverness’ of this cafe.

Well done Trevor and staff – we happily award you our Plastic Clever Cafe award. Your food looks great too, and hopefully one day we’ll pop in for a coffee or a hot chocolate (in reusable mugs, of course).