Love crisps, loathe the packaging


Monster Munch bag with a best before date of 2012, making it at least 6 years old; yet still in perfect condition (apart from some discolouration).

The Problem with Crisp Packets (and other snacks)

The issue with crisp packets etc is short and simple: they are packaged in packets that contain plastic.

The foil/plastic bags keep the snacks nice and fresh, but once finished with they are not recycled.

Why not? Because they can’t be recycled! Well, this is not strictly true (cos in theory pretty much anything could be recycled), but the fact of the matter is snack packets aren’t recycled due to the costs incurred in separating the materials in the foil / plastic packet.

Responsibility and accountability

Just as it is our responsibility as a consumer to dispose of our waste responsibly, shouldn’t manufacturers take some responsibility for the post-use life of their products (by making them recyclable at least)?

We think they should … and perhaps you do too?

If so, then let’s use our power as consumers to get a simple message across to the crisp manufacturers: Pack-it-in using packaging that is non-recyclable!


Call to action

How can we do this?

Easy. When you’ve eaten a packet of crisps (or any other snack food), keep hold of it. When you have 5 or 6 packets in your bag/pocket/kitchen drawer, pop them in an envelope and post them back to the manufacturers…  sometimes FOR FREE!

That’s right: some manufacturers prove a FREEPOST address on the back of the packet! Actually, I’ve just thought that maybe this is because they WANT us to send back the non-recyclable packaging?

Anyway, use the addresses below and let’s inundate companies like Walkers with their own packaging and hope that, if we do this with crisp-packet-like persistence, we’ll get them to use more environmentally friendly packaging materials in the future.

Addresses for #PACKETin returns


including Doritos + Snack a Jacks

Consumer Services Department
Walkers Snack Foods
Leicester LE4 5ZY

Golden Wonder

c/o Tayto Group Limited
Princewood Road
NN17 4AP

KP Snacks

including SkipsMc CoysHula Hoops



including biscuits (of course) + Penguin Bars + Club etc

McVities Consumer Services
Resolution Road
LE65 1PF


including Mars Bars, Snickers, Twix etc

FREEPOST Mars Consumer Care