New Plastic Clever school!

By January 9, 2018School

Ffrindiaubachtegryn Aberporth, a preschool in South Wales, have become a Plastic Clever School! Yay!

What does this mean?

Well, it means that the staff of the school have committed to raising awareness of some of issues around single-use plastics, particularly the BIG 4 (cups and lids, bags, bottles and straws) and, very importantly, to work to reduce the amount of the BIG 4 items they, their pupils and the school as a whole, use in their day-to-day to lives.

We are really pleased to have them on board, and really thankful to everyone involved because making small changes like this can make a BIG positive impact on the environment and the wildlife we share this planet with.


So well done again, and a massive THANK YOU!