Haydon School & Naomi Wilkinson

By January 14, 2018Adventurers

Yay! Naomi Wilkinson becomes our latest Plastic Clever Adventurer

When Haydon Eco School contacted us saying they were having an Eco School day and that they were keen for their students to try and make their school Plastic Clever, Amy and Ella were of course delighted to help. And what a lovely surprise to see the Kids Against Plastic posters they designed being proudly displayed as part of their mini festival. Kids Against Plastic is a gound-up initiative with kids leading the way and taking a proactive role in protecting the world they are to inherit from impact of single-use plastic, so this kind of eco-activity is awesome to see. Great work kids and staff!

It was doubly amazing to hear that Naomi Wilkinson was going the pupils for their important work AND that she was keen to come onboard the Be Plastic Clever Adventurer initiative as well. In some respects it’s not surprising really – she is of course passionate about the environment and the wildlife we share the planet with – but high-profile presenters are busy people and they no doubt get asked all the time to support various activities and initiatives. So, a big THANK YOU Naomi for being supportive of the youth you inspire through your presenting work; gestures like this makes a big difference.

So, well done everyone, and kids remember: we’d love to have to have you as fully fledged Kids Against Plastic!


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