Muckle LLP; our first Plastic Clever law firm!

By June 24, 2018Business

Muckle LLP are Plastic Clever!

We are super happy to have our first Plastic Clever law firm on board! And in fact, Muckle LLP have not only become our first law firm to become Plastic Clever, they are the first business in Newcastle upon Tyne, to become  Plastic Clever!

According to Richard Nixon, Associate Solicitor at LLP, they have been striving for several years to reduce their impact on the environment by following some simple yet important principles which include:

  • not having plastic cups in vending machines (they re-use glasses and china mugs instead)
  • issuing reusable drinks bottles to all staff and having mains water coolers in their offices
  • issuing reusable shopping bags
  • sharing advice and best practice

Well done everyone at LLP. You are setting a great example to other law firms around Newcastle and the UK, as well as to any other type of business that currently isn’t being ‘clever’ when it comes to their use of single use plastic in and around their offices.