Hero Of the Week – Nadia (aka Trash Girl)

By February 28, 2018School

We’ve personally experienced mild trolling and teasing at school from the kids that don’t understand what Kids Against Plastic is really about, or are ignorant to the problem of plastic pollution. The important thing is how to deal with the bullying – do you let yourself be swayed by it? Or do you carry on with your head held high? 

That’s exactly what Nadia, aka Trash Girl, did when her classmates took her epic litter picking the wrong way. When other students at Nadia’s school found out that she picked up litter to and from school to clean up her local area, they took it the wrong way, throwing litter at her feet because it was “her job to pick it up”. But instead of stopping, or letting this get to her, she turned the mocking nickname they called her, “trash girl”, into her own superhero title. And she certainly hasn’t stopped picking up. We are full of admiration for Nadia, and keep up the great work!

Image Credit: Eastern Daily Press