Little French Franks Café becomes Plastic Clever

By February 11, 2018Cafe

Gloria’s Glorious News


A few months ago, during the Steppes Beyond Festival, we were really pleased to meet a family from Spain but living on the Isle of Wight who shared our concerns over single-use plastic and its impact. We had a lovely chat and Amy and Ella shared details of their campaign and gave some tips and ideas for how they could take the Kids Against Plastic campaigning across  the Solent.

What’s been really great about this family is that, with their daughter Gloria leading the charge, they have taken the Kids Against Plastic energy and passion to the Isle of Wight and began making their own waves of change, in their locality.

So, as you can imagine, we were over-the-moon to hear from Gloria that she had made her local cafe Plastic Clever.

We were particularly impressed with the way Gloria worked with the cafe in a positive way, not trying to alienate them into change. The cafe noted its positive steps as part of the change process.


  • Most of our food packaging is bio degradable, otherwise recyclable – we flavour plant based materials over plastics so we use paper/card/wood.
  • We use great ingredients, prepared simply and packed to order saving waste in packaging and food.
  • New branded coffee cups do not contain a plastic lining, they are commercially compostable and biodegradable.
  • Bring your own re-usable cup, or get one here for 2 full coffee cards or 3.75 pounds then save 20p on your daily refill.
  • New take-away cold drink tumblers (shakes, smoothies, juice etc.) are bio degradable. We do not charge for tap water to drink in or if you bring your own bottle.
  • Straws and cutlery are freely available but we ask rather than include automatically.

Gloria should be very proud of herself and we do hope she continues her activism and gets some more Plastic Clever organisations recognised on the Isle of Wight.

Well done to Little French Franks too, and thank you for supporting the Kids Against Plastic ‘Plastic Clever’ scheme.

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