Eco to Go; a Plastic Clever business!

By April 10, 2018Business

Eco-to-Go are Plastic Clever!

It’s great to have Eco to Go celebrated as a Plastic Clever Business!

Eco to Go – run by Lynn (pictured) – distribute a wide range of cutlery. As they say on their website: “Eco to go™ demonstrates how the 3 P’s People, Planet, Profit can work together. Through engaging with stakeholders to adopt a reuse mind set, we get closer to achieving zero carbon foot print and establishments drastically cut waste as well as saving money.”

I reckon that if Lynn was to cut herself, then her blood would flow green – that’s how environmental she is! Her passion and enthusiasm for wanting to help others make sustainable choices really shines through when you meet her.

So, well done Lynn and team at Eco to Go – great to have you listed as a Plastic Clever Business.