Be part of the Kids Against Plastic BPC60 Challenge

Over the past 60 years, Blue Peter has been making a positive difference; educating and entertaining kids, and supporting good causes. Soon they will be celebrating their 60th anniversary (amazing, eh?). So Kids Against Plastic have decided to mark this occasion and we want YOU to join us.

To celebrate the BP60 anniversary we are running the Kids Against Plastic BPC60 Challenge, standing for Blue Peter Celebration 60 / Be Plastic Clever 60 (see what we did there?).

We are aiming to get 60 schools to join in and take the challenge. Interested? Great!

Here’s how you can get involved…

Step 1:

Go out for a litter pick with your school!

 Step 2:

Arrange your litter into the shape of a 60 and take a photo!

Step 3:

Send us your picture via email; you can get in touch at: or fill in the contact form.

Winners and Prizes!

Photos will be added to this webpage and schools will be selected at random and prizes awarded.

* Send us your photos before June 21st *

Become A Plastic Clever school

Find out more below

If you and your school want to do more good to the environment, then you can become Plastic Clever as a school!

The criteria can be found using the link below, and if you think that you fulfil the criteria (or need any tips on how to do so) then let us know at: and we will send you a Plastic Clever window sticker and certificate.

It’s that simple!

Become Plastic Clever: Find the criteria here

Or you can get in touch and send us your pictures on our social media: